My weight loss journey – venus factor review

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Hi i am Jacklyn Baker. I’m going to share my weight loss story with you through this post. I hope this will help you reach your weight loss goal.

This story is about how I lost my extra weight and what really helped me.

I have been suffering from obesity for four years. I tried to lose weight, so I have followed everything, but, nothing was working for me. I took lots of supplements, pills, powders and potions, but nothing helped me lose weight.

2-week weight loss program called “Venus Factor”.And, I searched many websites to know the things that play a major role in losing weight. I got the below information from those websites.

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Regular workouts
  • Consuming healthy foods (mostly greens)

I was looking for a weight loss program that works, and after a deep research online, I’ve found one excellent way to lose
weight within 12-weeks.

It is specifically designed for women. Now, I lost my weight and got freedom from obesity. Do you like to know what really worked for me? If you continue reading this article, you’ll find the system that helped me to lose weight.

If you’re serious about losing weight, then here is some good news for you.

Want to know that powerful weight-control system? Its’ nothing but an excellent 12-week weight loss program called “Venus Factor”.

Yes, I bought the Venus Factor 12-weeks before and this book is very easy to follow and helped me to lose weight as soon.

What is the Venus Factor?

The Venus Factor is a complete way to lose weight. The book is readable, straightforward and is specifically designed for women, who’re trying to lose weight healthily.

Venus factor is a 12-week weight loss program for women. By means of Venus factor, you can re-balance the hormones which are responsible for appetite and weight gain.

This excellent food plan is modified based on some factors. They are as follows:

  • Women’s age
  • Body type
  • Fitness level
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Physical activity level

Venus Factor is not about consuming supplements, pills, powders and potions, instead, it’s something different. It is a system that is particularly designed to work with the female metabolism. It helps your torso to burn more calories with zero side effects.

Moreover, it helps to optimize and support the release and use of the hormone called “leptin”. It tells you the foods that you can intake while you’re on weight loss diet.

What the Venus Factor includes in it?

  1. In this book, an excellent worksheet is available to keep track your diet.
  2. It guides you what foods you have to consume on a daily basis.
  3. Easy to follow meal plans.
  4. It offers an excellent workout manual and the manual consists of exercises, which are used for toning the back of your shoulders and triceps.
  5. It gives a nutrition and dietary advice along with a detailed exercise program which is designed specifically for the woman body.
  6. It includes a virtual nutritionist software program – To calculate what balance of foods you have to take on a daily basis.

The workout program mentioned in the Venus Factor is easy to practice so that you can do it at home if you are not interested in going to the gym.

How does this weight loss program work?

It is important to know how the Venus Factor – a 12-week weight loss program works. So that you can know the effectiveness of Venus Factor in losing weight.

Okay! In this part, I’ll tell you how it works.

You know, one of the women’s major concerns, when it comes to losing weight and remain fit is the level of “Leptin” in her system.

This hormone controls her body fat and helps to burn more calories. But, when women become old and after having children, their body naturally becomes resistant to leptin. While this happens, women’s body automatically stops burning fat and instead it starts storing fat.

The Venus Factor is specificallyDon’t get worried about that. The Venus Factor is specifically designed to retain our body’s metabolism, which in turn the body unsurprisingly starts to burn fat, lose weight and look fit.

One excellent thing and what I really liked about the Venus factor is its “Leptin Diet”. Why, because; the leptin diet is built around our everyday life.

Okay, there are few reasons why women need to follow different weight loss approach than men to get fit.

Reason #1:      It is because of having higher hormone levels.

Reason #2:      Another main reason for the different approach is that women have stronger resistance to weight loss effects.

Reason #3:      When women start fasting, there is a quick fall in her leptin levels.

These 3 reasons make women follow a completely different approach.

I recommend you to incorporate a few easy to perform exercises into your daily routine in order to burn more calories in a short amount of time.

Is the Venus factor risk-free? Any guarantee option is there in the Venus Factor?

Yes, the Venus factor is risk-free weight loss control program and offers a guarantee option. If you’re not satisfied with this program, you can send an email to them and they will refund your money within 48 hours.

But, this excellent system really helped me to lose my weight and now, I am happy with my weight. I can wear any small sized clothing and now I am totally fit.

Thanks to the 12-week weight loss program called Venus Factor. Thanks a lot. Venus Factor helped me to regain my original shape.

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